Collaboration, network and co-creation are the founding factors that TRUE is built on.

TRUE started as a collaboration between long standing Danish designer The Mark™ and the infamous ICON22. A brief encounter and a lot of similarities led the natural way to a common place. Both designers were on a quest for a wider and stronger palette of talent to further their goals and wanted to add more power and knowledge to their clients.

With TRUE we have created a workflow that make our clients’ brands and marketing messages spread like ripples in the water. We make our clients look good and do good. That’s a TRUE process.

We always tell you the truth about your current solutions. Good or bad? It’s honest. As is the fact that we can make it better and stronger.

Be TRUE to your brand

Jan Ligaard

Head of TRUE digital & Partner
Mobil: +45 28924226

Jan started his first company in 1999 and has after he finalized his degree in communications also worked as conceptual copywriter and creative in different agencies. Jan has been featured in several leading publications, such as Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Computer Arts Projects and also contributed as a feature case study in the 2009 edition of “How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Website Design Business”. In addition to TRUE, he serves as a consultant to startup companies regarding marketing and communications strategies and is part of the coaching team at the Nordic Venture Forum.

Mark Ravnsmed Christensen

Creative Director & Partner
Mobil: +45 23991717

In 1992, at the age of just 19, Mark started his career in danish advertising, working his way from smaller agencies until he reached Young & Rubicam. Y&R happened to be his last employment before entering into the world of independency in 1998. Since 1998 he has run his graphic design studio, The Mark, with both direct clients and freelance work for many danish ad-agencies. Like Bates, Propaganda, DDB Needham, Peoplegroup, Grey, Lowe, Publicis, TBWA, Proximity BBDO Paris and many others.

Jeppe Voight Christensen

Graphic Designer
Mobil: +45 29451303

In the autumn of 2011 Jeppe started as an intern at TRUE. And he has not looked back ever since. After nailing his final test with an A (12) and gaining the official title of Graphic Designer, he started at TRUE. So you could kind of say he never left. Jeppe has a unique talent in both the on- and offline areas which many of the TRUE clients already have experienced.

Mia Beenfeldt Bahnson

Graphic Designer
Mobil: +45 31752600

Mia is the newest member of TRUE’s creative team. She’s our final artist – and she is actually quite an artist. Mia’s skills ​doesn’t only​ include traditional graphic design such as printed materials, packaging, trade show supplies and retail marketing – she has also made great use of her decorating and ”foodie” skills in her work as a final artist. Among other things, ​this has resulted​ in an online birthday book for the British soft drink manufacturer Ribena where she created both recipes, decorations and creative work.

Anders Hjort Straarup

Associated Partner
Mobil: +45 26810241

Anders is the backbone of every digital project we commence at TRUE. His knowledge about the digital scene and ability to always shape every idea into the perfect digital product has time and time again proven to be valuable to us and to our clients. With Anders it is not a question on what can be done but how we go about it.

Simon Vart

Digital Wizard

Simons is a unique combo of both front- and back-end programmer – all in one – which gives him (and TRUE) a head start in every digital project we do. His ability to quickly spot the issues but also the possibilities ensure your projects always gets a little better.